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1. Basantar Award First civilian to receive Army highest honor from Basantar Brigade,

2. Hall of Fame Award "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT" 2002 from USMAA.

3. Royal Award by Prince Special council. K.S.A,

4. Certificate of International Membership by Special Security Council of Special Marine Commando Forces. K.S.A.,

5. Certificate of International Rank recognition by WOMA, International Instructor Certificate by WOMA ,

6. Honored for being the Chief Guest at the International Invitational Martial Arts Tournament, organized by  WOMA (U.S.A). BOMAC(U.S.A) and YUDANSHA CLAN (Japan) at Jubail Sports Center on 27th Sep.2002. K.S.A.,

7. Certificate and Award of Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Indo Japan Relationship.

8.  Member Board of Directors, Asa Bhanu Group for organizing Japan Week Festival, Member Board of Directors,  Asa Bhanu Group for Cultural Affairs.,

9. Member Reception Committee for receiving H.E. the Governor of A.P., and H.E. the Consul General of Japan for the inauguration of Japan week festival ,

10. Honored Special Guest at the 23rd Maharlika CALI challenge cup International tournament held in Jubail stadium, on the 27thJune 2003 KSA. ,

11. The 1st Indian to present KENDO demo  in INDIA with Sensei Dr. Junichi Kashiwagi on 27 Sept 2003 at Shilparamam , program  by Tourism Dept., A.P., & Asabhanu.

12. Hall of Fame Award as International Leader in the Martial Arts 2003 by ICMAUA (Europe)

13. Hall of Fame Member International Warriors Foundation (Europe)

14. Certificate of Achievement as "WORLD NINJUTSU MASTER" by WOMA International Council for Martial Arts for Higher Education.

15. "WORLDS FINEST MARTIAL ARTIST" Achievement certificate from USA Martial Arts Federation.

16. Winner of Masters Trophy in weapons category in the "World All Martial Arts Master's Competition" held in Kuching city, Malaysia on 10th & 11th July 2004.

17. "GOLDEN AWARD" from China.

18. Hall of Fame World head of Society " HONORABLE MASTER".

19. Doctorate of Philosophy in Martial Arts from National Dragon Council University of Asian Studies, Virginia, USA.

20. Honored with the Certificate of Authentication N.D.C.M.A.,USA.

21. Hall of Fame W.M.A.O.A Canada, "GRAND MASTER OF 2004"

22. Certificate of Appreciation from Technical Advisory Council Committee B.O.M.A.C.

23. Directorship for India of International Classical Kendo Federation.

24. Honored Board Member of Sacred Warrior Bujutsu Federation.

25. Honored by Sacred Warrior Bujutsu Federation as SOKE (Grand Master) & HANSHI (Senior Master) .

26. Honored Member of Presidency council of W.O.M.A as President for India of W.O.M.A.

27. Honored with the Award of Recognition from the Presidency Council W.O.M.A.

28. Honored International Director & Representative of W.O.M.A.

29. Honored Board Member of Black Dragon Society of South Africa.

30. Honored Shihan Ku Sensei decree from Black Dragon fighting International.

31. Honored Doctor of Martial Arts & Sciences .

32. Honored Judan by the T.E.B.M.A Federation.

33. Honored Vice-president of Asian T.E.B.M.A Federation.

34. Honored Member Board of Advisors World T.E.B.M.A Martial Arts Federation.

35. Honored member Master Board World T.E.B.M.A Martial Arts Federation.

36. Honored member Fame House World T.E.B.M.A Martial Arts Federation.

37. Honored Representative of T.E.B.M.A. in India.

38. Honored President Indian TEBMA Federation.

39. PhD honored by TEBMA.

40. Board member of Consultants for the WOMA monthly magazine.

41. Honored National representative of WMAG for India.

42. Board of Directors World Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai.

43. Honored with the Lifetime membership of IOSKDKA, Greece.

44. Honored with the Godan of  IOSKDKA.

45. Honored as the International Representative of IOSKDKA.

46. Honored Senior Representative of San Do Jutsu International in India.

47. Honored Sokeship of Ninbukan from USAI.

48. Honored 10th Degree (Judan) by USAI.

49. Honored Lifetime membership of USAI.

50. Honored Lifetime membership of IMA, England.

51. Certified Kudan from International Martial Arts Academies UK.

52. Certified Instructor Ninjutsu from IMA, England.

53. Honored Charter of School from IMA, England.

54. Honored Recognition of Makki Ryu Ninbukan Founder by USAI.

55. Honored Recognition of 10th Dan by World Sijo.DaiSoke Renmei.

56. Honored with Life membership of Nippon Yawara Ryu AIKI-Ju-Jutsu Renmei.

57. Honored with Life membership of European Association of Daito-Ryu-AIKI-Bujutsu.

58. Member of Sister City Committee Hyderabad-Miyoshi.

59. Honorarius Award of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Martial Arts from Universidade Livre de Terapias, Salvador-Bahia, Brasil, on 30th June 2006.

60.  Honorary Citizen of Miyoshi city, Hiroshima, Japan 2006

61.  1st official observer from India for the 8th ASEAN Kendo Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand 2007.

62. 1st Director & pioneer of Sports Chanbara (SPOCHAN) in India 2009

63. Awarded Best referee in the 36th World Sports Chanbra Championships Tokyo Japan 2010.

64. Awarded Best referee in the 5th Asian-Oceania Sports Chanbra Championships Kathmandu Nepal 2011.