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Golden Dragons
The only martial arts dojo in India that is famous for teaching Ninjutsu.
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Golden Dragons (GD) Ninja Dojo was established in the year 1986 with the objective of motivating the youth to cultivate good 

 health and self defense skills. GD is the vision and mission of a very talented , able and proven expert in the field of martial arts

  Shihan Dr. S.M Siddiq Mahmoodi M.D., (Alternative medicines).

 GD has the unmatched distinction and honor of receiving a number of gold medals in National and State held competitions. The chief instructor Dr. Siddiq is the recipient of several appreciations and commendations from Sardar Vallabhai Patel Police academy for the demonstrations of high value skills for the IAS and IPS probationers. GD had the honor of training Defense personnel in unarmed combat (UAC) and Ninjutsu (Ninja techniques) for self-defense. Lecture, demonstrations and capsule training were conducted to many army units and training centers at Hyderabad. Certifications appreciating the services were awarded. GD specialty is that it teaches the deadly art of "KYUSHO" (attacking the nerve centers) counterpart of "Marma Kala". GD are authorized by the Andhra Pradesh Judo Association to teach Judo and to train promising candidates in this Olympic Sport for the Nationals and State levels competitions.


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